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Battery Organizing

Wireless Battery Monitoring – System Components:

  • Vebar® Battery sensors are installed on the batteries: for Automated 24-7 Battery Health
  • Vebar® Best Available Battery Displays are installed in the charging room:
    They inform the operator of the Best Available Batteries that have NO issues, are fully charged, cooled and ready to be used when forklifts come in for a battery change.
  • Vebar® Battery Condition Displays are installed in the charging room:
    They inform the operator & maintenance personnel of the issues that have been detected by the Battery Sensors.
  • Vebar®Gateway is installed in the charging room:
    The Gateway provides the wireless RF communication between the Battery Sensors, the Displays, the Remote Web Server, Remote users (LAN/WAN), the Web database and Email server.


  • Battery Sensors, Gateway and Info Displays all use industrial RF wireless technology!
  • First Available Battery Indication, based on the real SOC, Health and Temperature.
  • Continuous and fully automated battery & charger performance checks.
  • Sensor records all important parameters
  • Automatic upload of logged info to an online database.
  • Historical data, key performance info, graphical reports and real time battery status are available.
  • Automated notifications:
    • on the Battery Sensor via LEDs
    • on the local Wireless Displays
    • Fully automated Email messaging
    • On your computer, in real-time, anywhere in the world (internet needed)


  • Reduces Maintenance & Repair Cost for Batteries & forklifts.
  • Detects energy guzzling batteries so you can save BIG on energy.
    – 50% savings are no exceptions! –
  • Reduces battery-related labor, minimizes battery changes and increases efficiency.
  • Identifies batteries that need water and detects many other battery issues far in advance, before they become expensive issues. Extends Battery Life.
  • Detects when chargers cause damage to batteries by overcharging & overheating.
  • Promotes even use of all your batteries, thus minimizing the number of batteries needed.
  • Typical ROI is less than 1 year.


Your battery vitals are constantly monitored and analyzed by the Vebar Wireless Battery Sensors.

The Sensor reports Alerts to wireless displays, your remote PC and your email*.

The state of health of your batteries is always clear: you are informed the moment a problem or exception is detected.

Historic data is available with the click of a mouse, on-board, on-site and on- line!*


Vebar battery sensors communicate wireless with the Vebar Gateway*, that sends wireless info to the wireless FIFO displays.

They indicate the Best Available Battery and SOC, promoting the even use of all batteries.


With a Vebar network- connected Gateway*, all measurements, alerts and cycle data can be sent to a secure server to ensure lifetime data availability.

Reports are only a mouse click away.

Every battery issue can be confirmed by email to the appropriate mailbox(es).

*Vebar gateway needed.