Benefits of 24/7 Battery Monitoring…

  • Reduces Maintenance & Repair Costs
    for Batteries and Forklifts
    early detection of problems related to:

    • Low / high Voltage     –     Low / High Current     –     Low / High Temperature
    • Low Electrolyte level
    • Charge / Discharge Duration
    • Charged / Discharged Capacity
    • Overcharged / Under charged
    • Over discharged / Under discharged
    • Missing Battery
  • Promotes Asset utilization Optimization.

    • Reports create insight, based on measured data
    • Worldwide accessible – real time fleet info for management
    • Detects Energy guzzling batteries, so you can save big on Energy
    • Reduces battery-related labor, minimizes number of battery changes and increases efficiency
    • Identifies batteries that need water, cooling, attention…
    • Detects issues far in advance before they become expensive issues
    • Extends battery life
    • Detects when chargers cause damage to batteries by overcharging, overheating, under charging.
    • Promotes even use of all your batteries, thus minimizing the number of batteries needed.
    • Typical ROI less than 1 year.        ROI calculation available


  • World wide deployable
  • Minimal Installation – Minimum Human efforts –
  • Fully remote: -monitoring, (re)programming, Reporting
  • All components communicate over the air – RF – ifi
  • Automated Battery Health & performance Monitoring
    24/7Automated health notifications:

    • On the Battery Sensor via LEDs
    • On the local Wireless Display
    • Fully automated Email Messaging
    • On your computer, in real time and anywhere in the world for multiple sites.

Reporting Capabilities

    battery: charging / rest / idle /  working
    charger: charging / not charging
    truck: working / idle
    battery: individual / per group: runtimes
    charger: individual / per group: runtimes
    truck: individual / per group: runtimes
  • Energy cost-efficiency-charge factor: save
    battery: individual / per group
    charger: individual / per group
    truck: individual / per group
  • TRACK EVERY BATTERY ISSUE before it becomes a costly problem: protect
    battery: detect and report preventive maintenance issues
    charger: detect underperformance
    truck: no damage by low Volt !
    link operator to Truck when changing battery.
    track battery changer operator
    track battery maintenance tasks and technicians doing the job.

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