Why Fleet Monitoring?


* Reduce the number of batteries, chargers or trucks needed
* Prevent unplanned downtime
* Lower the number of battery changes
* Predict end-of-life of your batteries, chargers, trucks
* Increase asset health, useful life & performance
* Right size your battery, charger and truck pool size
* Lower energy bills in your charging room


Our customers agree that information should be available to all parties involved.Vehicle  drivers, maintenance people (internal/external) and supervisors should all be informed, each in the way they prefer.

– 3 LEDs on the Battery Sensor inform the users of the state of charge, temperature, electrolyte level and more.

In the charging room, users are informed by the wireless Displays:

  • The First Available Battery Display shows the state of charge and number of the best available battery.
  • The Alert display indicates the battery number of all batteries with issues and the corresponding pictogram, explaining the nature of the problem.

– Technicians and maintenance managers can choose to receive email alerts, informing them of some or all detected issues.
Real-time monitoring and immediate availability of data from anywhere in the world, puts you on top of the situation.

– Management can remotely monitor the activity and availability of electric vehicles in real time, and has access to all necessary data to make informed decisions.

Vebar battery monitoring systems offers you the flexibility you want and the protection you need.


By guiding your battery users to only use batteries that are fully charged, cooled and ready for use, an even use of all available batteries is achieved. This greatly improves the life expectancy of every battery, since every battery is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Your drivers now have the perfect tool to help them get the most out of every battery. No more guesswork!

Every second of the day, VEBAR battery sensors monitor essential battery parameters (voltage, current, temperature, electrolyte level, Ah in/out, …) and check all advanced programmable alarm settings. Whenever an alarm is detected by the sensors, all parties involved will be informed by the system (programmable). The battery management system will not present this battery to the user for discharge,  until the problem has been resolved.

This early fault detection is extremely effective in lowering your maintenance and replacement  costs. Since the system automatically takes faulty batteries out of circulation, further damage is avoided.


Since batteries can fail in as little as one day, VEBAR is designed to protect all your batteries every second of the day not just when your scheduled preventive maintenance occurs.

Your technician will be informed by the monitoring system, the moment a battery has issues.
It delivers prompt notification of your vulnerability – giving you peace of mind, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding company assets.

Months before a battery would become an operating risk, and months before a technician might discover problems during a maintenance check, Vebar detects future failures.

Ensure your electric vehicles can work when you need them.


By automating the measurement of your battery health you eliminate the risk of human error and the dangerous and unreliable task of manual testing. Vebar sensors are made of reliable industrial grade electronics and are completely encapsulated in special epoxy to ensure complete dust-, water-and acid resistance. The sensors are equipped with mil-spec hook up cables, have built-in safety features like reverse polarity protection, extremely low power dissipation, wide range input voltages, …


Besides assuring readiness, battery monitoring offers the necessary information for end-of-life predictions and keep track of aging. The user knows when to plan the replacement of a fading battery.