Vebar Connect : Fleet management web portal

Online SaaS solution for small and big Material Handling Fleets.

  • Asset management for Material Handling trucks, batteries, chargers & Vebar forklift recording systems. Keep track of all past and future activities, assign tasks, create notes and have all asset specs available at your fingertips.
  • Real time battery monitoring, management and on-site organizing. Connects with the wireless Vebar battery sensors system.
  • Assignment ticketing systems with email engine for all users, for all your assets.
  • Asset Checkup organizing & tracking:
    Offers immediate access to all your pre-shift checklists, performed by your drivers, supervisors and technicians.
    Automated battery checklist form, for quick and automated evaluation of the state of health of your batteries.
  • Personalized reporting & charting on all assets, actions, utilization, state of health, … . Your dedicated Vebar engineer builds the reports you want! All data from the checklist application, the Vebar wireless battery sensors and on-site asset scanning is translated into actionable reports and assignments automatically. Reports are refreshed several times per day.
  • Scanning center: battery, truck and operator location data is available thanks to the Vebar Asset scanning.
  • Alarm Center: automated email alert system. You can set up email alerts, change email addresses in minutes.
  • Document center: centralized up- and download of critical documents and manuals, video recordings of incident from the Vebar camera system on your forklift.
  • Activity Center: past portal-activity overview with direct links to assets, tasks and notes.
  • EHS center: create and manage all your users, vehicle operators, supervisors, and technicians.
    Keep track of operators’ certifications and login data.
    Create and edit your pre-shift checklists or use the default inspection templates.
    Assign portal features to any or all your Vebar Connect portal users.

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